Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Tory and the EDL

Reports indicate that a Conservative parliamentary candidate has promised to be an "unshakeable ally" for the EDL in parliament and to help bring their views to the mainstream.

The allegations are that he made this plegde in return for EDL cooperation on a publicity stunt which would have allowed the candidate to play the hero, by stopping a fake EDL demonstration.

This is a desperate move from a desperate candidate, it's worrying, the depths this Tory hopeful may have gone to. It is a stain on the whole of politics when the majority of candidates, on all sides will be working hard in their communities up until May 7.

Stories like this fuel voter apathy, people are understandably put off politics by scandal after scandal but, this election is going to be very close and it's incredibly important to use your vote, as candidates are not the same.

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