Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Out Of Touch

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority has recommended that MPs receive an 11% pay rise which is equivalent to £7,600. The MP for Hexham has indicated that he is willing to accept the rise: It was reported in the local paper that he would accept the rise 'without any qualms'

I am frankly dismayed at Mr Opperman’s stance on the issue of MPs pay.

An MPs current salary of £65,768 would be considered by many as generous. There are families in the Hexham constituency who will struggle to make ends meet in January. Prices are rising faster than wages so the timing of this announcement could not be worse.

I also believe that being an MP is a full time job and any duties outside of public life have an impact on the work of an MP. The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority could look at the issue of MPs doing second jobs, instead of focusing on wage rises.

I accept that MPs salaries should be decided by an independent body but when that body makes a proposal that is so out of step with the public mood, it must be rejected.

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Anonymous said...

Look forward to getting them out Liam, its is a disgrace when so many are doing without so much. Agree to cuts to second homes and subsidising other MP bills that frankly hardworking people don't have the luxury of having.