Monday, 13 January 2014

Bus Station

It is a shame that it looks like Hexham bus station in its current form, looks like it will have to close. A private company owns over half the site and Northumberland County Council own the remainder. The proposal is that the land will be sold and buses will drop passengers at alternative locations, some of which may well turn out to be more convenient than the existing bus station.

Plans are at early stages and will be available for public consultation. I would urge community representatives on all sides and members of the public to have their say, on what the alternative provision should look like and where it should be located.

The sitting MP has already indicated that he is disappointed that the council "Has abandoned grand schemes" The reality is that there is no money in council budgets for grand schemes, the council, like many Northern councils are seeing the money they receive from from the treasury, cut year on year.

The MP for Hexham voted in favour of a finance bill which has seen spending on services for the people of Northumberland fall by £130M: It is impossible to cope with that level of reduction without any effect on services. Some councils in the UK are not having to make such choices, some in the South of England have actually enjoyed a modest budget increase.

All we see is criticism of a Labour led Council in Northumberland for the way they are implementing the cuts being demanded by a Conservative led Government in Westminster. My question is this: When is the sitting MP going to stand up to his own leader and chancellor and ask questions about the disproportionate effect of Government policy on services in the Hexham constituency?


Hexhome said...

You need to accept that it is not just the loss of the bus station which is causing so much upset. There will be a huge negative impact on space for all road users on Priestpopple and Battle Hill. The proposal to have a turning point at the Abbey Gates is also fraught with dangers, particularly for vulnerable road users.
Hexham people have made it very clear that they wish to keep a bus station. A petition to that effect is evidence of the strong feeling there is.
There is a feeling that Hexham is suffering because of it's socio political position. Labour is losing ground here because of this perception.
I for one am very sad we are in this position.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment,

The plans for the bus station are at an early stage, there will be a full public consultation on what the new provision will look like. This consultation process has not been completed and plans have not yet been drawn up.

As for the Hexham suffering, all areas are being hit by the Governments austerity only approach. However, in the region of 100 council workers will move into Hexham from Morpeth, this will improve access to services and be a boost to the local economy, but I do understand your concerns.