Sunday, 2 December 2012

Osborne's Excuse

The Chancellor has waited until snow has fallen and the trees have shed their leaves before making his 'Autumn' statement. He will announce his failure to keep his promise to cut the deficit in this parliament.  He was told that cutting too far and too fast would do more harm than good, but like an 'arrogant posh boy who does not know the price of a pint of milk' he stuck his nose in the air and chose to ignore the advice.

Osborne has failed; he has stuck to his plan A boasting that he had no plan B. Stephanie Flanders on BBC News just made an excuse for him: "He said he would reduce the deficit in 5 years, but he didn't say which 5 years" It is a worse excuse than the dog ate my homework.

This morning Osborne told his wife he would bring her a cup of tea in 5 minutes. She is still waiting for a cuppa. She then asked him to put the kettle on and he smiled a smug smile and said "Ahhh, but I didn't say which 5 minutes"

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Syzygy said...

A builder told my daughter that could finish the job in two weeks. Nine weeks later, he said ...

Yes, you've got it! My daughter sacked him! Doubtless, Stephanie Flanders did not suggest the same for Gideon Osborne but she should have!