Sunday, 4 November 2012

Good luck Obama

The US election are all over UK news and I hope that Obama will be re-elected on Tuesday.  The president is one of the most influential people in the world and has a huge effect on UK trade and foreign policy, for example when Obama says "I'm bringing our troops home" UK policy will follow and our soldiers will return home.

 There is, however, a stark contrast between his actions and those of our own government. Obama wants to move away from a private healthcare system, our government is moving towards more private involvement. The Obama administration has invested heavily into the US car industry, George Osborne is a governor of the European Investment Bank who have invested £80million in the Turkish car industry. This inexplicable decision has led to the loss of over 1000 British jobs at at Ford plants in Southampton and Dagenham. The US has had 15 months of continuous growth, we have had a double dip recession.

So good luck to Obama, I wish our leaders had some of the courage and conviction he has shown in his first term of office.

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