Friday, 28 April 2017

May the 4th

Elections to decide who represents the people of Leadgate, Medomsley, Ebchester and the surrounding villages will be held next Thursday the 4th of May.

I will be voting Labour on May 4th for myself and Donna Summerson. It's a bit strange going to the polling station and putting an x in a box next to your own name, but that's what I'll be doing. There are several reasons to vote in these elections; here are just three:
Liam and Donna in Medomsley, discussing local concerns.
1. Every vote counts. There are very few safe seats in local elections, it is going to be close and every single vote will matter. For example, in the neighbouring seat in Dipton I was involved in a campaign where the Labour candidate was elected after a re-count by one vote.

2. A vote for Labour is a vote for change: Our area has had 'Independents' as Local Councillors for over a decade. They have not done enough to improve the lives of people here and opportunities have been missed. When they do attend meetings they tend to vote with the Conservatives and they seem to be a negative influence, preferring to point out problems but without offering solutions. It is time for change. There is an alternative; there are two enthusiastic, local, forward-looking candidates on the ballot paper and we need your support to make a difference.

3. Local politics matters: All politics is local. When campaigning in general elections, more often than not it's the local issues that people bring up on the doorstep; bus services, litter, rubbish collection, housing issues, anti-social behaviour, planning applications, funding for local groups, the list goes on. Local councillors who listen to these concerns are also those best placed to take action on them.

One of the privileges of living in a democracy is that you can go into a polling station on a Thursday and change your government or your local council using nothing more than a pencil on a piece of string. Please vote on 4th May and then again on 8th of June.

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