Monday, 14 July 2014

Judge Butler-Sloss

Baroness Butler-Sloss has stood down from the her appointment leading the enquiry into allegation that government ministers either abused children or covered up child abuse. She has shown some integrity by saying shes not the right person for the job. She is probably right given her ties to the structures of the past which have failed to protect children from abuse.

What is incredible therefore, is that David Cameron is so arrogant says he still made the right choice. A Judge has judged herself unsuitable for the role she was given yet our Prime Minister refuse to question his own judgment. He badly judged the situation in the EU when he chose to fight a losing battle over the appointment of Junker. These poor judgement calls are not in the same league as ignoring repeated warnings by bringing Andy Coulson straight from hacking phones at the News of the World into the heart of Government but again, demonstrates a worrying lack of judgment.

The Beast of Bolsover in Durham Photo Credit: David Crockit
Veteran Labour MP Dennis Skinner spoke at Durham Miners Gala and said that if he had a question  PMQs he would have asked Cameron if he had any prison visits planned, to visit his mate Andy Coulson. On hearing the news that Butler-Sloss had stepped down because she felt that she 'wasn't the right person for the job' Dennis cut to the point as usual "Most of Cameron's cabinet should do the same."

There is speculation about a reshuffle, Cameron will may reappoint some of his old friends Liam Fox or maybe Andrew Mitchell to top jobs, he might try to make his cabinet a bit less male and a bit less stale, but with his judgement so lacking, I wouldn't trust him to pick a 5 a side football team.

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