Wednesday, 21 May 2014

European Elections 22 May

Jayne Shotton, Jude Kirton-Darling, myself and Paul Brannen 
I'm voting for three candidates who have worked tirelessly during the European campaign. Together with local Labour activists, candidates and MPs we have knocked on over 100,000 doors (sorry if we missed you).

We have listened to people's concerns about Europe: On immigration we will tackle employers who exploit migrant workers by paying less than the minimum wage. This is in stark contrast to other parties intent on demonising certain groups.

On jobs we will safeguard British jobs by securing European investment in companies based in the North East and by defending hard won rights at work.

Some MEPs draw a salary but then don't bother to turn up. Our candidates will be a strong voice in committees and debates in Europe.We have candidates that will work hard for our interests, speak up for the people of the North East and exert real influence.

I'm voting Labour tomorrow. I hope you will too.

Liam Carr

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