Sunday, 20 April 2014

Look North?

Letter to Journal about the neglect of the North East when it comes to government funding for infrastructure projects.
The sitting MP for Hexham has called on Alex Salmond to invest in infrastructure in that would benefit the North East, citing the example of dualling the A1 (Journal 12th April). There was not one infrastructure investment for the North East in George Osborne's recent budget. However tucked away behind the beer and bingo, on page 86 of the budget, there is a pledge to provide funding to extend a viability study into A1 improvement north of Newcastle to Scotland, but with strings attached, the Scottish government must pay half! The government are happy to spend millions on transport infrastructure projects such as Crossrail in London but they want the Scots to pay for a road which is in England because it happens to be North of Newcastle. It is embarrassing to see a  Conservative MP, after failing to get his own government to invest in North East infrastructure, pleading with Alex Salmond for funds.
Labour recognises the need for an economic recovery that benefits the many and not the few, the need for a government that acts in the interests of people who work outside one square mile in the capital. We are setting out plans which including the reinstatement of a Minister for the North East, this will be a step in the right direction towards an approach which is inclusive of all regions of the UK.

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