Thursday, 15 August 2013

Egg Miliband

Ed Miliband had eggs thrown at him while he was walking around a market in Southampton talking to normal people. The fact that the leader of the opposition was in a situation where someone could throw eggs is a contrast with other politicians who prefer their contact with the public to be more stage managed.

Nick Clegg came to Consett recently the event was top secret with workers at the industrial estate that he was visiting we told that the visit was top secret, and threatened with disciplinary action if it was leaked before the date. Good photo opportunity for Clegg in a one of the small scale highly specialised engineering firms who are managing to export enough to keep afloat while the domestic market continues to flatline. Clegg didn't come for a look round the flea market in Middle Street that day.

Worse was the chancellor putting on a fake accent when delivering a stage managed speech/photo opportunity in a Morrisons warehouse. When he did put himself in front of the public at the Paralympics 20 000 showed their opinion when his name was announced.

You are far more likely to meet David Cameron at an exclusive black tie dinner for Tax-avoiding-millionaire Tory donors than on your local high street.

The fact that politicians have to make secret visits to warehouses or factories and put on fake accents in order to appear less out of touch shows how far removed from real life they are.

Ed Miliband was making an effort to meet with ordinary voters to listen to their concerns, he ended up with egg on his face, but a dry cleaning bill is a small price to pay for a leader who has his faults, but at least is trying connect with the general public.

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