Thursday, 18 April 2013

People Before Politcs

During the May 2nd election campaign I have seen the claim "We put people before politics"

One person who really does put people before politics is Malcolm Clarke the Labour Candidate for the Grove, Moorside and Berry Edge.

He was one for the leading members of Lanchester Parish Council for which there are 15 seats, it turned out that 16 people put their names forward for the ballot. This would have resulted in a ballot paper with 16 names on it and 15 votes. People would have to decide which candidate not to put an X next to.

Malcolm waited until the 11th hour before choosing to withdraw. Lanchester Parish have therefore avoided the costs associated with an election, an estimated £6000 that can now be spent on community projects.

For some, "People before politics" is just a tag line on a leaflet. For others, actions speak louder than words.

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