Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Policy or Political Plan?

The government is planning to change the law so the police can access personal details of anyone wether or not they are suspected of any wrongdoing. any people on the Left of politics object to this needless infringment of liberties. It is needless, the Police can, and do covertly gather personal information of suspects. I am certain that monitoring Twitter, Facebook, E-mail, Blackberry messaging services has prevented criminal activity and could be used to intervene in the planning of terrorist attacks.

So what is the reason for this legislation. Will it make us safer? That question may never be answered because the Lib Dems will oppose this bill. They have voted with their Tory friends for the dismantling of the NHS. They have voted to remove benefits from disabled children and long term cancer patients. They have voted for a £40 000 tax cut for millionaires. But they will oppose this needless legislation and even if their Tory bosses wont allow a proper rebillion they will claim to have made 'vital amendments'. Clegg and Tim Farron will proclaim "Look, we are not Tories after all"

Opposing this legislation allows the Lib Dems to regain a little credibility, it makes you wonder, is it a policy or a planned event?


Pam @earwiggle said...

My thoughts exacttly, too, Liam.

Malcolm Clarke said...

I expect they will vote with the Tories as they have done since they joined the coalition.