Friday, 11 November 2011

Staff Governor

I am standing for election to the board of governors at Newcastle College, below is my 200 word statement. Employees of NCG are eligible to vote. NCG incorporates Newcastle College, Skelmersdale and Ormskirk College and Intraining.

"I am applying for the role of staff governor because I feel that I can make a difference. I am a Biology Lecturer in the Sixth Form. In the Science department I work closely with support staff, both technical and learning support, I am aware of the vital role that these essential support staff members play in the college as well as the issues which impact upon them.
Skills I have developed while carrying out my duties as a UCU representative are transferable to a role on the board of governors. I have negotiated with the college leadership to reach an understanding of our position on a number of occasions. I have resolved disputes between members and management.
The relationship between managers and staff need not be adversarial; there is so much common ground. We all want our students to reach their full potential and be successful. We all want the opportunity to progress and to develop, whatever our role. We want the College to move forward and to remain a leading provider in FE, HE and work based learning.
If elected to the board I will make every effort to work collaboratively so that the College continues to progress, and also to ensure that the interests of staff members are considered in the decision making process.
Please vote".

I addition I would like to add that I believe there is a balance to be made:
  • Student achievement can be increased without increasing staff stress.
  • Staff retention is of equal importance to student retention rates.
  • The College can have financial stability and a stable workforce.
  • For the College to be truly successful it must successfully take into consideration the welfare of all staff.
Voting is easy: Just log on to your work computer, open internet explorer, click on the governance tab at the top of the red NCG homepage, hover the mouse over the voting button at the side then follow the links to vote from there.

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Malcolm Clarke said...

Best wishes for the election Liam. You couldn't ask for a more dedicated candidate.